www.usgdesignstudio.com, USG’s fully intuitive and accessible website provides architects, specifiers and contractors the advanced capabilities and information they need to quickly and accurately design, compare, change, select and specify the right products, systems and UL Designs for their projects. The website has 4 BIM modules (Walls, Floors, Acoustical Ceilings, Specialty Ceilings) in which the user can search, download Revit templates and import into a Revit project. This tool helps those firms using 3-D modeling by being able to view quickly and easily how these aspects interface with other parts of the project they’re designing.

Not using BIM? The website is still an extremely valuable tool. Whether designing a partition or floor system needing a minimum STC, IIC or fire rating, the site finds a solution with a few clicks of your mouse and produces a specification, CAD drawing, cut sheets or MSDS.

Click on your criteria (ACT, metal, translucent, LEED, CHPS, Zero VOCs, NRC, Light Reflectance, etc.) and the site provides options quickly while displaying images of your selections as you narrow down the components of your ceiling design. In minutes you’ve created several options that you can present to your clients complete with photos, cut sheets, and specifications. The website lets you easily compare acoustical ceiling tiles from other manufacturers.

The key benefits to this website are SPEED and ACCURACY – speed in finding product information and accuracy in specifying the right product for the right application.

We cannot emphasize enough how efficient this tool is and how it can streamline your selection process.