ICC ES recently released an updated look to USG’s ESR-1222 that evaluated USG suspension systems and grid components for all seismic categories. Please let us know if you would like a copy.

USG’s Intermediate and Heavy-Duty suspension systems exceeds the IBC requirements for seismic resistance and is produced with the optimal shape, size, steel gauge and connection combination to create the highest level of movement resistance. The suspension system surpasses current seismic test standards by 42%. The use of 7/8″ wall molding is allowed when using the ACM7 Seismic Clip. Also tested and approved is the USG DH4 Seismic Expansion Clip which is a one piece, multi-directional clip that sits atop the main and cross tee bulbs and is fastened through a horizontal slot that secures the tees while allowing expansion-joint movement.