Location: Saratoga, CA
Architect: Steinberg Group, San Jose
Ceiling Contractor: Acoustics Specialties

Products: Ceilings: 9Wood Wood Tiles Style 4500 XL Channel Tile with matching perimeter trim & solid wood Wood Grilles, Style 1100. Walls: Pureline Wood Veneer metal wall panels by Lindner.
Summary: To aid sound absorption, the wood tiles use straight center oblong perforations with black acoustical blankets. Tiles are installed progressively using the XL Channel system. One side of the wood corridor ceiling on the 2nd floor is sloped. Note the projector lift panel in the wood grille ceiling in the lecture hall. Lindner manufactured the two types of Pureline Wood Veneer metal wall panels for the project. The lower portion is non-perforated and has 1/2″ GWB adhered to the backside to stiffen the panel. The upper portion is perforated and is lined with acoustical material for sound absorption.